This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Bouwman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aafien [I11734]    
Aaltje [I0348] about 1825 1924-04-02
Aaltje [I12592] 1845-04-00 1845-06-07
Aaltje [I9747]    
Berendina [I0352] about 1816 1900-05-26
Carolina Christina [I12602] about 1855 1922-03-24
Christina Hendricus [I15656]    
Cornelis [I0347] about 1787 1850-09-16
Derk [I9748]    
Gerritje [I12596] 1844 1881-12-03
Gijsbert [I0353] about 1824 1890-12-25
Gijsbertje [I0350] about 1829 1845-05-11
Grietje Alberts [I15587]    
Grietje Jacomijntje [I6703]    
Huig [I6704]    
Jacob [I0351] 1813-10-31 1846-04-12
Jacob Petersen [I0380] 1750-10-27 about 1793
Johanna J. [I16658]    
Peter Petersen [I0390] about 1700  
Peter Petersz [I16643]    
Pietertje [I0349] about 1825 1915-06-10
Rente Hemmes [I15073]    
Roelf Hindriks [I13217]    
Trijntje Hindriks [I13216] 1806  
Trijntje Klaasen [I16266]    
Trijntje Rentes [I15072] 1825 1877-08-08