This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hoekstra. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aaltje [I9274]    
Anne [I10088] 1865-03-15 1900-01-27
Anne [I10133] 1894 1911-10-27
Catharina [I10892]    
Dirk [I9273] 1887-07-18 1899-08-30
Feike [I10830] 1873  
Freerk [I2451]    
Frytzen Wybrens [I11904]    
Gerrit Jan [I9047]    
Hendrik [I10089]    
Hendrik [I10891]    
Hiltje [I10866]    
Hindrik Willem [I10130] 1889 1895-02-22
Jan [I10831]    
Jan Gerbens [I9048]    
Jan Oeges [I11168]    
Klaaske [I9563]    
Marten Pieters [I10284] 1855  
NN [I10131] 1897-04-01 1897-04-01
Pieter [I10138]    
Pieter [I10283]    
Pieter Hendriks [I16626]    
Ralphina [I16094]    
Rigtje [I10893]    
Sybren [I2450] 1875  
Sybren Harkes [I9239]    
Sybren Sytzes [I9272]    
Sytze Sybrens [I9238] 1858  
Tjitske [I10132] 1898 1905-12-25
Tjitske Tjeerd [I2487]    
Trijntje [I10890]    
Willem [I10134]    
Yntje [I11158] 1843  
Yntze [I10867]