This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Kuiper. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aaltje Doekes [I8107]    
Albert [I14616]    
Anje [I13329]    
Antje [I0678] 1804-08-21 1867-01-15
Antje [I5410] 1852  
Antje [I5412]    
Arend [I14638]    
Aucktje [I11254]    
Berend Derks [I9283]    
Berend Jans [I16791]    
Berendje [I9058]    
Cornelis [I5411]    
Elizabeth [I15112] 1863  
Engeltje [I10063]    
Ernst [I15113]    
Evert [I13033]    
Foktje [I8329]    
Frouke Geerts [I17771]    
Geert [I8190] 1814  
Gerard Johannes [I14615]    
Grietje [I2977] 1791  
Harm [I9684]    
Harm Geert [I11269] 1883-07-08 1883-07-25
Harm Geert [I11347]    
Harm Harms [I1277] 1797-04-29  
Harmke Harms [I0738] 1788-03-01 1866-01-04
Hendrik [I14639]    
Hendrik Hendriks [I7762]    
Herman [I11274] 1890 1966-12-09
Jacob [I4326]    
Jan [I5328]    
Jan [I9685]    
Jan Geerts [I8191]    
Jan Warmolt [I11268]    
Jan Warmolto [I11253]    
Jan Willems [I11259]    
Janna [I4277] 1842 1901-08-24
Jantje [I9756]    
Johanna [I15309]    
Johanna [I3904]    
Johannes [I3825] 1871  
Johannes [I9122]    
Karsien [I9059]    
Lulof [I11252] 1854-02-25 1903-06-04
Maartje [I3419] 1790 1842-11-07
Maartje [I4325] 1841  
Maartje [I5398]    
Manna [I17798]    
Maria Cornelia [I9121]    
Melle [I11258] 1854-10-10 1917-03-29
Naantje [I7761] 1859 1932-04-16
Otto [I17799]    
Pieter [I2978]    
Tjakko Warmolt Lubbertus Jan [I11349] 1898-12-22 1927-11-26
Trijntje [I3561]    
Trijntje [I8228]    
Wieka [I11270] 1885-05-24 1980-10-08
Willem [I13034]    
Willem [I3826]