This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Leeuwen. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aafje [I3417] 1827  
Aaltje [I17471] 1856  
Aart Albertus Hendrikus [I13861]    
Aletta [I7031]    
Andries [I5338]    
Andries [I5343] 1820  
Arien [I5351] 1821  
Carel Jacob Frederik [I3936]    
Carel Jacob Frederik [I3937]    
Cornelis [I5134]    
Cornelis [I6343]    
Cornelis [I7671]    
Cornelus [I17468] 1842  
Cornelus [I17469]    
Dieuwertje [I5334] 1819  
Frederik [I7672]    
Jacob [I3418] 1786 1851-07-21
Jacob [I5359] 1853  
Jacoba [I6180]    
Jan [I5006] 1816 1877-12-26
Jannetje [I5133] 1824  
Jannetje [I5363] 1878 1912-10-20
Johanna Hermana [I8521]    
Johanna Jacoba [I3990]    
Lijna [I7099]    
Maartje [I5005] 1846 1926-03-07
Maartje [I5330] 1815 1843-04-27
Maartje [I5373] 1858  
Maria [I7149]    
Meining [I4321]    
Neeltje [I6342]    
Trijntje [I5347] 1822  
Willem [I13862]