This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Haan. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Antje Willems [I11665]    
Berend [I14737]    
Berend [I9151] 1874  
Berend [I9152]    
Geertje [I8742] 1860 1944-03-16
Hinderikus Jans [I8743]    
Krijntje [I12285]    
Roelfien Willems [I1222] 1858-04-19
Trientje Reeuwkes [I16402]    
Wubbe [I14738]    
Aagje [I6443]    
Anne Feites [I3315]    
Arie [I17006]    
Bettje [I0223]    
Doede [I11220]    
Feite Yzaaks [I2406]    
Geertje [I2438]    
Harmke [I4776]    
Hiltje Oenes [I1813]    
Hinderke [I9974] 1836 1916-03-20
Hindrik Eltjen [I9979]    
IJtsen [I17005]    
IzaƤk Wiebrens [I2439]    
Jacob [I11219]    
Johannes Pieters [I0222]    
Marretje [I6437]    
Minke Sjoerds [I2142]    
Pieter [I3756] 1858  
Pieter [I3757]    
Sijke Pieters [I9280]    
Sytze Feites [I2405] 1842  
Wilhelmina Maria Catharina [I3911]    
Wytske [I3314] 1871