This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Kuipers. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Agnes Anna Cornelia [I7521]    
Annechien [I9631]    
Anneke [I0779] 1871-05-18 1948-01-26
Arend [I17219] 1850  
Arrien Pieters [I17940]    
Berend [I4259]    
Berend [I9625]    
Berendina [I0781] 1876-03-14 1929-11-23
Catharina [I15492]    
Derk Klaassens [I8665]    
Eildert [I4258]    
Geertje Jans [I16797]    
Harke [I11961]    
Harm [I1325]    
Harmke [I9627]    
Hillechien [I0782]    
Hillechien [I9638] 1879-06-13 1929-03-09
Hiltje [I14577]    
Hindrikje [I9710]    
Imke [I9711] 1904-02-27 1907-10-24
Jakob [I0780] 1873-10-27  
Jakob Arends [I17220]    
Jakoba Grietiena [I11960]    
Jan [I0778] 1846  
Jan [I9712]    
Jan Aeilt [I2641]    
Jan Jans [I17936] 1790  
Jan Reinders [I2640] 1874  
Jantje [I10103]    
Jeltje [I17849] 1866  
Johannes [I14578]    
Klaaske [I8664] 1827  
Koos [I8472]    
NN [I9626] 1886-07-20 1886-07-20
Oeds Jans [I17852] 1829  
Philippina Maria [I7605]    
Pieter Fredrik [I8471]    
Thalia [I16817] 1835  
Thomas [I7606]    
Willem Hindriks [I16818]