This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Brouwer. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aaltje [I15405]    
Aaltje Pieters [I16909]    
Aefien Claesdr. [I0028] before 1608-12-09 before 1678-12-27
Anna Sophia [I7151]    
Annechien [I16624] 1896 1985
Annechien [I9666]    
Annechina [I15369] 1885-08-10 1950-01-07
Anthonie [I7142]    
Antine Wessellina [I13130]    
Arie [I7158]    
Arien [I3536] 1850  
Bauke Minnes [I8621]    
Boelo [I17388]    
Chrisje Martens [I2386] 1814  
Christijntje [I6680]    
Cornelis [I3537]    
Cornelis [I7114] 1908 1960-09-10
Derk [I15370] 1889-10-21 1890-05-19
Dirk [I7084] 1874  
Dirk [I7148]    
Evertje [I7140]    
Fijtje [I7145]    
Freerk [I9782]    
Freerktje [I9759]    
Geert Jans [I1164]    
Griete Jans [I1117] about 1700 about 1748
Hendrikje [I7166]    
Hilligje [I7332] 1852  
Iemkje [I11524]    
Jan [I17387] 1851  
Jan [I7146] 1900-11-16 1945-03-21
Jan [I9781]    
Jan Engberts [I12752]    
Jan Hindriks [I1118] about 1780
Jan Tijmen [I7141]    
Johanna [I17486]    
Lambertus [I7333]    
Lena [I7139]    
Margje [I3257]    
Marten Christiaans [I2387]    
Martijntje [I6496]    
Mathijs [I7147]    
Minne Baukes [I8620] 1813  
NN [I11521] 1877-12-02 1877-12-02
Nanning [I11520] 1874-11-20 1874-11-29
Neeltje [I7170]    
Pieter [I15057] 1858 1920-05-12
Pietertje Jans [I8196]    
Riemkje Freerks [I10497]    
Robert [I8505]    
Schelto [I9051] 1884-02-10 1912-03-09
Siemon Pieters [I15196]    
Simon [I15368] 1882 1883-03-15
Simon [I15371] 1894-12-17 1902-06-04
Sjoerd [I11126] 1822  
Sophia [I7143]    
Stientje [I8264] 1865 1944-03-15
Trijntje [I11522]    
Wendelina Jans [I1165] 1811-08-29
Willem [I4174]    
Willem [I6556] 1860 1912-07-17
Willem [I6557]    
Willem [I7144]    
Willem Fokkes [I11127]