This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Alberts. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death
Aart [I15626]    
Anna [I2324]    
Antje [I17893]    
Augustinus [I0175] 1854 1924-04-30
Berend [I8323] 1852-10-20  
Bouchien [I9591] 1855 1937-11-02
Derk [I8322]    
Derk [I8592]    
Derk [I8597] 1879 1880-10-30
Dirk [I15619] 1887-11-09 1888-05-02
Dirk Reinder [I15627] 1899-06-17 1899-09-17
Dirkje [I15620]    
Edina [I8794]    
Evert [I15616]    
Frouwke Harmen [I16494] 1766 1838
Geertje [I16458] 1796  
Geertruid [I11097]    
Gerrigje [I15628]    
Gijsbertus [I15624] 1895-08-25 1895-12-01
Gijsbertus [I15625]    
Grietje [I14930]    
Hendrikje [I15471]    
Herman [I9592]    
Hillechien [I8011]    
Jacobje [I15621] 1890 1890-12-26
Jan [I0174]    
Jan [I15617] 1885-02-10 1951-07-19
Jannigje [I15618]    
Lukkien [I9987]    
Maria Wilhelmina [I15622] 1892-06-07 1893-02-26
Martina Jacoba [I15641]    
Siert [I8598] about 1884-01-00 1884-08-08
Teunis [I15645]    
Willem Frederik [I15623]