Alberts, Jannigje

Birth Name Alberts, Jannigje
Gramps ID I15618
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Alberts, Augustinus [I0175]
Mother Lagerweij, Jacobje [I0176]
    Brother     Alberts, Evert [I15616]
    Brother     Alberts, Jan [I15617]
         Alberts, Jannigje [I15618]
    Brother     Alberts, Dirk [I15619]
    Sister     Alberts, Dirkje [I15620]
    Sister     Alberts, Jacobje [I15621]
    Sister     Alberts, Maria Wilhelmina [I15622]
    Brother     Alberts, Willem Frederik [I15623]
    Brother     Alberts, Gijsbertus [I15624]
    Brother     Alberts, Gijsbertus [I15625]
    Brother     Alberts, Aart [I15626]
    Brother     Alberts, Dirk Reinder [I15627]
    Sister     Alberts, Gerrigje [I15628]
    Sister     Alberts, Martina Jacoba [I15641]
    Brother     Alberts, Teunis [I15645]


    Family of van Ravenswaaij, Johannes and Alberts, Jannigje [F7118]
Married Husband van Ravenswaaij, Johannes [I15629]


  1. Alberts, Augustinus [I0175]
    1. Lagerweij, Jacobje [I0176]
      1. Alberts, Evert [I15616]
      2. Alberts, Jannigje
        1. van Ravenswaaij, Johannes [I15629]
      3. Alberts, Willem Frederik [I15623]
      4. Alberts, Dirkje [I15620]
      5. Alberts, Gijsbertus [I15625]
      6. Alberts, Aart [I15626]
      7. Alberts, Gerrigje [I15628]
      8. Alberts, Martina Jacoba [I15641]
      9. Alberts, Teunis [I15645]
      10. Alberts, Jan [I15617]
      11. Alberts, Dirk [I15619]
      12. Alberts, Jacobje [I15621]
      13. Alberts, Maria Wilhelmina [I15622]
      14. Alberts, Gijsbertus [I15624]
      15. Alberts, Dirk Reinder [I15627]