Amerika, Janna

Birth Name Amerika, Janna
Gramps ID I9571
Gender female
Age at Death 83 years, 2 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1841-06-16 Stootshorn gem. Noordbroek Birth of Amerika, Janna
Death 1924-08-29 Noordbroek, Groningen, Nederland Death of Amerika, Janna


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Amerika, Luitjen Klaassens [I0792]
Mother Keizer, Jaaptje Gerriets [I0741]
         Amerika, Janna [I9571]
    Brother     Amerika, Gerrit Luitjens [I9572]
    Brother     Amerika, Klaas [I9573]
    Sister     Amerika, Harmke [I9574]
    Sister     Amerika, Klaassien [I9575]
    Brother     Amerika, Gerrit [I9576]
    Sister     Amerika, Lina [I9577]
    Sister     Amerika, Berendina [I9578]


    Family of Ketelaar, Johan Friedrik and Amerika, Janna [F2905]
Married Husband Ketelaar, Johan Friedrik [I9579]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1864-05-14 Noordbroek, Groningen, Nederland Marriage of Ketelaar, Johan Friedrik and Amerika, Janna
  1. Ketelaar, Harmke [I9730]
  2. Ketelaar, Helenus Reginus [I9728]
  3. Ketelaar, Helena Regina [I9729]
  4. Ketelaar, Luitjen [I9724]
  5. Ketelaar, Aaktje [I9731]
  6. Ketelaar, Jaapje [I9725]
  7. Ketelaar, Hendrik [I9726]
  8. Ketelaar, Klaas [I9727]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Amerika, Luitjen Klaassens [I0792]
    1. Keizer, Jaaptje Gerriets [I0741]
      1. Amerika, Janna
        1. Ketelaar, Johan Friedrik [I9579]
          1. Ketelaar, Luitjen [I9724]
          2. Ketelaar, Jaapje [I9725]
          3. Ketelaar, Hendrik [I9726]
          4. Ketelaar, Klaas [I9727]
          5. Ketelaar, Helenus Reginus [I9728]
          6. Ketelaar, Helena Regina [I9729]
          7. Ketelaar, Harmke [I9730]
          8. Ketelaar, Aaktje [I9731]
      2. Amerika, Gerrit Luitjens [I9572]
      3. Amerika, Klaas [I9573]
      4. Amerika, Harmke [I9574]
      5. Amerika, Klaassien [I9575]
      6. Amerika, Gerrit [I9576]
      7. Amerika, Lina [I9577]
      8. Amerika, Berendina [I9578]