Bethlehem, NN

Birth Name Bethlehem, NN
Gramps ID I1805
Gender female
Age at Death 0 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1883-05-29 Opsterland, Friesland, Nederland Birth of Bethlehem, NN
Death 1883-05-29 Opsterland, Friesland, Nederland Death of Bethlehem, NN


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bethlehem, Hendrik Hayes [I1793]
Mother Helmus, Joukje Foppes [I1794]
    Sister     Bethlehem, Sytske [I1792]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Haye [I1802]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Foppe [I1803]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Jan [I1804]
         Bethlehem, NN [I1805]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Aize [I1806]
    Sister     Bethlehem, Grietje [I1807]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Kornelis [I1808]
    Brother     Bethlehem, Lykele [I1809]
    Sister     Bethlehem, Rinske [I1810]


  1. Bethlehem, Hendrik Hayes [I1793]
    1. Helmus, Joukje Foppes [I1794]
      1. Bethlehem, Sytske [I1792]
      2. Bethlehem, Jan [I1804]
      3. Bethlehem, Kornelis [I1808]
      4. Bethlehem, Lykele [I1809]
      5. Bethlehem, Aize [I1806]
      6. Bethlehem, Haye [I1802]
      7. Bethlehem, Foppe [I1803]
      8. Bethlehem, NN
      9. Bethlehem, Grietje [I1807]
      10. Bethlehem, Rinske [I1810]