Booy, Jan

Birth Name Booy, Jan
Gramps ID I2250
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1869-05-26 Wonseradeel Birth of Booy, Jan


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Booy, Gerrit Huites [I2237]
Mother Zwerver, Berber Minzes [I2233]
    Brother     Booy, Huite [I2238]
    Sister     Booy, Fintje [I2240]
    Brother     Booy, Minze [I2243]
    Sister     Booy, Jeltje [I2245]
    Brother     Booy, Pieter [I2246]
    Sister     Booy, Aaltje [I2248]
         Booy, Jan [I2250]


  1. Booy, Gerrit Huites [I2237]
    1. Zwerver, Berber Minzes [I2233]
      1. Booy, Huite [I2238]
      2. Booy, Fintje [I2240]
      3. Booy, Minze [I2243]
      4. Booy, Jeltje [I2245]
      5. Booy, Pieter [I2246]
      6. Booy, Aaltje [I2248]
      7. Booy, Jan