Zwerver, Koene Jacobs

Birth Name Zwerver, Koene Jacobs
Gramps ID I2150
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1772-05-10   Birth of Zwerver, Koene Jacobs


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Zwerver, Jacob Minses [I1963]
Mother Koenes, Saakjen [I2147]
    Brother     Zwerver, Albert Jacobs [I2148]
    Sister     Zwerver, Janke Jacobs [I2149]
         Zwerver, Koene Jacobs [I2150]
Father Zwerver, Jacob Minses [I1963]
Stepmother Drevis, Pietertje Willems [I2151]
    Half-sister     Zwerver, Willemina Jacobs [I2154]
    Half-sister     Zwerver, Grietje Jacobs [I2155]
    Half-sister     Zwerver, Saakjen Jacobs [I2156]
    Half-brother     Zwerver, Minse Jacobs [I2157]
    Half-sister     Zwerver, Geeske Jacobs [I2158]


  1. Zwerver, Jacob Minses [I1963]
    1. Koenes, Saakjen [I2147]
      1. Zwerver, Albert Jacobs [I2148]
      2. Zwerver, Janke Jacobs [I2149]
      3. Zwerver, Koene Jacobs