Adank, Willemtje

Birth Name Adank, Willemtje
Gramps ID I8672
Gender female


    Family of Nederhoed, Johannes Jeltes and Adank, Willemtje [F2609]
Married Husband Nederhoed, Johannes Jeltes [I8671]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage     Marriage of Nederhoed, Johannes Jeltes and Adank, Willemtje
  1. Nederhoed, Johanna [I8682]
  2. Nederhoed, Jelto [I8675]
  3. Nederhoed, Andries [I8676]
  4. Nederhoed, Willemina Pieterdina [I8677]
  5. Nederhoed, Willemtje [I8678]
  6. Nederhoed, Jelto Johannes [I8679]
  7. Nederhoed, Johannes [I8680]
  8. Nederhoed, Wilhelmina [I8681]

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Adank, Willemtje
      1. Nederhoed, Johannes Jeltes [I8671]
        1. Nederhoed, Jelto [I8675]
        2. Nederhoed, Andries [I8676]
        3. Nederhoed, Willemina Pieterdina [I8677]
        4. Nederhoed, Willemtje [I8678]
        5. Nederhoed, Jelto Johannes [I8679]
        6. Nederhoed, Johannes [I8680]
        7. Nederhoed, Wilhelmina [I8681]
        8. Nederhoed, Johanna [I8682]