Janssen, Tetsie Sophia

Birth Name Janssen, Tetsie Sophia
Gramps ID I12049
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Janssen, Johannes [I11492]
Mother Bulthuis, Augiena [I11491]
    Sister     Janssen, Johanna Hendrika Berdina [I12045]
    Brother     Janssen, Johannes Hendrikus [I12046]
    Brother     Janssen, Hendrikus [I12047]
    Sister     Janssen, Hendrika Petronella [I12048]
         Janssen, Tetsie Sophia [I12049]
    Sister     Janssen, Sophia Johanna [I12053]
    Sister     Janssen, Johanna Regina [I12055]


    Family of Scholten, Hendrik Jan and Janssen, Tetsie Sophia [F6586]
Married Husband Scholten, Hendrik Jan [I12050]


  1. Janssen, Johannes [I11492]
    1. Bulthuis, Augiena [I11491]
      1. Janssen, Tetsie Sophia
        1. Scholten, Hendrik Jan [I12050]
      2. Janssen, Sophia Johanna [I12053]
      3. Janssen, Johanna Hendrika Berdina [I12045]
      4. Janssen, Johannes Hendrikus [I12046]
      5. Janssen, Johanna Regina [I12055]
      6. Janssen, Hendrikus [I12047]
      7. Janssen, Hendrika Petronella [I12048]