Appel, Barbera

Birth Name Appel, Barbera
Gramps ID I2760
Gender female
Age at Death 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1825-05-07 De Rijp Birth of Appel, Barbera
Death 1825-05-27 De Rijp Death of Appel, Barbera


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Appel, Klaas [I2754]
Mother Boonacker, Geertje [I2755]
    Brother     Appel, Cornelis [I2742]
         Appel, Barbera [I2760]
    Brother     Appel, Pieter [I2761]
    Sister     Appel, Johanna [I2762]
    Brother     Appel, Simon [I2766]
    Sister     Appel, Grietje [I2770]
    Sister     Appel, Geertruida [I2774]
    Sister     Appel, Geertje [I2781]


  1. Appel, Klaas [I2754]
    1. Boonacker, Geertje [I2755]
      1. Appel, Barbera
      2. Appel, Simon [I2766]
      3. Appel, Cornelis [I2742]
      4. Appel, Johanna [I2762]
      5. Appel, Grietje [I2770]
      6. Appel, Pieter [I2761]
      7. Appel, Geertruida [I2774]
      8. Appel, Geertje [I2781]