Bulthuis, Trijntje

Birth Name Bulthuis, Trijntje
Gramps ID I11557
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bulthuis, Jurjen Nannings [I11147]
Mother de Vries, Hiltje Gerrits [I11153]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Gerrit [I11547]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Nanning [I11548]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Geeske [I11549]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Pieter [I11550]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Antje [I11551]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Jakob [I11552]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Dieuwke [I11553]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Yme [I11554]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Trijntje [I11555]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Yme [I11556]
         Bulthuis, Trijntje [I11557]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Wijke [I11558]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Jakobje [I11563]


    Family of Iestra, Jacob and Bulthuis, Trijntje [F6501]
Married Husband Iestra, Jacob [I11582]


  1. Bulthuis, Jurjen Nannings [I11147]
    1. de Vries, Hiltje Gerrits [I11153]
      1. Bulthuis, Jakob [I11552]
      2. Bulthuis, Dieuwke [I11553]
      3. Bulthuis, Antje [I11551]
      4. Bulthuis, Trijntje
        1. Iestra, Jacob [I11582]
      5. Bulthuis, Wijke [I11558]
      6. Bulthuis, Jakobje [I11563]
      7. Bulthuis, Gerrit [I11547]
      8. Bulthuis, Nanning [I11548]
      9. Bulthuis, Geeske [I11549]
      10. Bulthuis, Pieter [I11550]
      11. Bulthuis, Yme [I11554]
      12. Bulthuis, Trijntje [I11555]
      13. Bulthuis, Yme [I11556]