Abee, Klaassien

Birth Name Abee, Klaassien
Gramps ID I17607
Gender female
Age at Death 74 years, 10 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1882-12-26 Veendam, Groningen, Nederland Birth of Abee, Klaassien
Death 1957-11-19 Veendam, Groningen, Nederland Death of Abee, Klaassien


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abee, Albert [I17516]
Mother Kampinga, Engeltje Sjoerds [I17523]
    Brother     Abee, Simon [I17603]
    Brother     Abee, Derk [I17604]
    Sister     Abee, Fenje [I17605]
    Sister     Abee, Elizabeth [I17606]
         Abee, Klaassien [I17607]
    Sister     Abee, Aaltje [I17608]
    Brother     Abee, Leendert [I17617]
Father Abee, Albert [I17516]
Stepmother Hut, Trientje [I17528]
    Half-sister     Abee, Elizabeth [I17619]
    Half-brother     Abee, Albert [I17620]
    Half-sister     Abee, Trientje [I17621]


    Family of Oldenburger, Tammo and Abee, Klaassien [F7653]
Married Husband Oldenburger, Tammo [I17612]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Abee, Albert [I17516]
    1. Kampinga, Engeltje Sjoerds [I17523]
      1. Abee, Aaltje [I17608]
      2. Abee, Simon [I17603]
      3. Abee, Leendert [I17617]
      4. Abee, Derk [I17604]
      5. Abee, Fenje [I17605]
      6. Abee, Elizabeth [I17606]
      7. Abee, Klaassien
        1. Oldenburger, Tammo [I17612]


Source References

  1. Geboorteregister Veendam 1882 [S2950]
      • Date: 1882-12-27
      • Page: 308
      • General:

        Registratiedatum 27-12-1882
        Geboorte 26-12-1882 Veendam
        Kind Klaassien Abee
        Geslacht v
        Vader Albert Abee
        Beroep arbeider
        Moeder Engeltje Sjoerds Kampinga
        Bron Geboorteregister Veendam 1882
        Aktenummer 308

  2. Overlijdensregister Veendam 1957 [S2989]
      • Date: 1957-11-19
      • Page: 106
      • General:

        Overlijden 19-11-1957 Veendam
        Overledene Klaassien Abee
        Geslacht v
        Leeftijd 75 jaar
        Geboorteplaats Veendam
        Relatie Tammo Oldenburger
        Relatietype E
        Vader Albert Abee
        Moeder Engeltje Sjoerds Kampinga
        Bron Overlijdensregister Veendam 1957
        Aktenummer 106