Abee, Tjakke

Birth Name Abee, Tjakke
Gramps ID I17565
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abee, Tjakke [I17514]
Mother Molema, Jantje [I17520]
    Sister     Abee, Leentje [I17559]
    Sister     Abee, Leentje [I17560]
    Sister     Abee, Klasina [I17561]
    Brother     Abee, Pieter [I17562]
    Brother     Abee, Leendert [I17563]
    Brother     Abee, Leendert [I17564]
         Abee, Tjakke [I17565]
    Sister     Abee, Elizabeth [I17566]
    Sister     Abee, Jantje [I17570]


    Family of Abee, Tjakke and Jager, Anke [F7638]
Married Wife Jager, Anke [I17580]


  1. Abee, Tjakke [I17514]
    1. Molema, Jantje [I17520]
      1. Abee, Tjakke
        1. Jager, Anke [I17580]
      2. Abee, Elizabeth [I17566]
      3. Abee, Leentje [I17559]
      4. Abee, Leentje [I17560]
      5. Abee, Klasina [I17561]
      6. Abee, Pieter [I17562]
      7. Abee, Leendert [I17563]
      8. Abee, Leendert [I17564]
      9. Abee, Jantje [I17570]