Amerika, Klaas

Birth Name Amerika, Klaas
Gramps ID I9836
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Amerika, Gerrit [I9576]
Mother Alberts, Bouchien [I9591]
    Sister     Amerika, Johanna [I9821]
    Sister     Amerika, Jaaptje [I9822]
    Sister     Amerika, Aldagonda [I9826]
    Brother     Amerika, Luitjen [I9830]
    Brother     Amerika, Johan Herman [I9832]
         Amerika, Klaas [I9836]
    Sister     Amerika, Meike [I9840]


    Family of Amerika, Klaas and Boer, Maria [F6270]
Married Wife Boer, Maria [I9837]


  1. Amerika, Gerrit [I9576]
    1. Alberts, Bouchien [I9591]
      1. Amerika, Jaaptje [I9822]
      2. Amerika, Aldagonda [I9826]
      3. Amerika, Klaas
        1. Boer, Maria [I9837]
      4. Amerika, Johanna [I9821]
      5. Amerika, Meike [I9840]
      6. Amerika, Luitjen [I9830]
      7. Amerika, Johan Herman [I9832]