Keizer, Hillechien

Birth Name Keizer, Hillechien
Gramps ID I4020
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Keizer, Harm [I0717]
Mother Hut, Elsien [I0784]
    Sister     Keizer, Grietje [I0753]
    Brother     Keizer, Arend [I0785]
    Brother     Keizer, Jakob [I0786]
    Brother     Keizer, Tjakko [I0787]
    Sister     Keizer, Grietje [I4019]
         Keizer, Hillechien [I4020]
Father Keizer, Harm [I0717]
Stepmother Leeuwerik, Jantje Berends [I0783]
    Half-brother     Keizer, Jan [I9490]


    Family of Smit, Allie and Keizer, Hillechien [F5408]
Married Husband Smit, Allie [I4024]


  1. Keizer, Harm [I0717]
    1. Hut, Elsien [I0784]
      1. Keizer, Hillechien
        1. Smit, Allie [I4024]
      2. Keizer, Arend [I0785]
      3. Keizer, Jakob [I0786]
      4. Keizer, Grietje [I0753]
      5. Keizer, Tjakko [I0787]
      6. Keizer, Grietje [I4019]