Abee, Aaltje

Birth Name Abee, Aaltje
Gramps ID I17608
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Abee, Albert [I17516]
Mother Kampinga, Engeltje Sjoerds [I17523]
    Brother     Abee, Simon [I17603]
    Brother     Abee, Derk [I17604]
    Sister     Abee, Fenje [I17605]
    Sister     Abee, Elizabeth [I17606]
    Sister     Abee, Klaassien [I17607]
         Abee, Aaltje [I17608]
    Brother     Abee, Leendert [I17617]
Father Abee, Albert [I17516]
Stepmother Hut, Trientje [I17528]
    Half-sister     Abee, Elizabeth [I17619]
    Half-brother     Abee, Albert [I17620]
    Half-sister     Abee, Trientje [I17621]


    Family of Visscher, Eltje and Abee, Aaltje [F7655]
Married Husband Visscher, Eltje [I17615]


  1. Abee, Albert [I17516]
    1. Kampinga, Engeltje Sjoerds [I17523]
      1. Abee, Aaltje
        1. Visscher, Eltje [I17615]
      2. Abee, Simon [I17603]
      3. Abee, Leendert [I17617]
      4. Abee, Derk [I17604]
      5. Abee, Fenje [I17605]
      6. Abee, Elizabeth [I17606]
      7. Abee, Klaassien [I17607]