Brouwer, Stientje

Birth Name Brouwer, Stientje
Gramps ID I8264
Gender female
Age at Death 79 years, 2 months, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1865 Beerta, Groningen, Nederland Birth of Brouwer, Stientje
Death 1944-03-15 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland Death of Brouwer, Stientje


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brouwer, Jan Engberts [I12752]
Mother Dik, Gezina Jacob [I12753]
         Brouwer, Stientje [I8264]


    Family of Engelage, Pieter and Brouwer, Stientje [F2484]
Married Husband Engelage, Pieter [I8263]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1886-11-18 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland Marriage of Engelage, Pieter and Brouwer, Stientje
  1. Engelage, Gezina [I13080]
  2. Engelage, Grietje [I13087]
  3. Engelage, Stientje [I13086]
  4. Engelage, Jantje [I13082]
  5. Engelage, Gepke [I13083]
  6. Engelage, Jan Albert [I13085]
  7. Engelage, Alberdina Willemina Frederika [I13088]
  8. Engelage, Pieter [I8262]
  9. Engelage, Geziena [I13078]
  10. Engelage, Frans [I13079]
  11. Engelage, Jantje [I13081]
  12. Engelage, Jantina Alberdina [I13084]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Brouwer, Jan Engberts [I12752]
    1. Dik, Gezina Jacob [I12753]
      1. Brouwer, Stientje
        1. Engelage, Pieter [I8263]
          1. Engelage, Pieter [I8262]
          2. Engelage, Geziena [I13078]
          3. Engelage, Frans [I13079]
          4. Engelage, Gezina [I13080]
          5. Engelage, Jantje [I13081]
          6. Engelage, Jantje [I13082]
          7. Engelage, Gepke [I13083]
          8. Engelage, Jantina Alberdina [I13084]
          9. Engelage, Jan Albert [I13085]
          10. Engelage, Stientje [I13086]
          11. Engelage, Grietje [I13087]
          12. Engelage, Alberdina Willemina Frederika [I13088]