Blom, Roelfien

Birth Name Blom, Roelfien
Gramps ID I14633
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Blom, Hendrik [I14499]
Mother Nieman, Jobkie [I14491]
    Brother     Blom, Bernardus Hendrikus [I14630]
    Brother     Blom, Harm [I14631]
    Sister     Blom, Hendrikje [I14632]
         Blom, Roelfien [I14633]
    Brother     Blom, Jan [I14634]
    Sister     Blom, Renske [I14644]
    Brother     Blom, Albert [I14651]


    Family of Kuiper, Arend and Blom, Roelfien [F6989]
Married Husband Kuiper, Arend [I14638]


  1. Blom, Hendrik [I14499]
    1. Nieman, Jobkie [I14491]
      1. Blom, Bernardus Hendrikus [I14630]
      2. Blom, Hendrikje [I14632]
      3. Blom, Roelfien
        1. Kuiper, Arend [I14638]
      4. Blom, Renske [I14644]
      5. Blom, Albert [I14651]
      6. Blom, Harm [I14631]
      7. Blom, Jan [I14634]