Lampe, Joost Johannes

Birth Name Lampe, Joost Johannes
Gramps ID I15582
Gender male
Age at Death 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1800-09-08 Rinsumageest gem. Dantumadeel Birth of Lampe, Joost
Death 1800-09-28 Rinsumageest gem. Dantumadeel Death of Lampe, Joost


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lampe, Johannes [I15559]
Mother Swaagman, Annigje Hermannus [I15560]
    Sister     Lampe, Wobbina Johannes [I15555]
    Sister     Lampe, Catharina [I15564]
    Brother     Lampe, Hermannus Johannes [I15568]
    Sister     Lampe, Regina [I15573]
    Sister     Lampe, Dieuwke Johannes [I15577]
    Sister     Lampe, Catharina Johannes [I15578]
    Sister     Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I15579]
    Brother     Lampe, Hendrik Johannes [I15580]
    Brother     Lampe, Popko Johannes [I15581]
         Lampe, Joost Johannes [I15582]
    Sister     Lampe, Dieuwke Johannes [I15583]
    Sister     Lampe, Josina Johannes [I15584]
    Sister     Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I15585]


  1. Lampe, Johannes [I15559]
    1. Swaagman, Annigje Hermannus [I15560]
      1. Lampe, Hermannus Johannes [I15568]
      2. Lampe, Popko Johannes [I15581]
      3. Lampe, Wobbina Johannes [I15555]
      4. Lampe, Catharina Johannes [I15578]
      5. Lampe, Catharina [I15564]
      6. Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I15585]
      7. Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I15579]
      8. Lampe, Hendrik Johannes [I15580]
      9. Lampe, Joost Johannes
      10. Lampe, Regina [I15573]
      11. Lampe, Dieuwke Johannes [I15583]
      12. Lampe, Josina Johannes [I15584]
      13. Lampe, Dieuwke Johannes [I15577]