Bos, Albert

Birth Name Bos, Albert
Gramps ID I16425
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1868-08-06 't Zandt gem. Loppersum, Groningen, Nederland Birth of Bos, Albert
Immigration 1873-04-22 New York, New York, USA Immigration of Bos, Albert


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bos, Albert Kempes [I16416]
Mother Wieringa, Trientje [I16417]
    Brother     Boss, Jakob [I16412]
    Brother     Bos, Kempe Alberts [I16418]
    Sister     Bos, Geertje [I16419]
    Sister     Bos, Nieske [I16420]
    Brother     Bos, Kempe [I16421]
    Sister     Bos, Hindrikje [I16422]
    Sister     Bos, Trijntje [I16423]
    Brother     Bos, Gerrit [I16424]
         Bos, Albert [I16425]
    Brother     Bos, Geert [I16426]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Bos, Albert Kempes [I16416]
    1. Wieringa, Trientje [I16417]
      1. Bos, Kempe Alberts [I16418]
      2. Bos, Geertje [I16419]
      3. Bos, Nieske [I16420]
      4. Bos, Kempe [I16421]
      5. Bos, Hindrikje [I16422]
      6. Bos, Trijntje [I16423]
      7. Boss, Jakob [I16412]
      8. Bos, Gerrit [I16424]
      9. Bos, Albert
      10. Bos, Geert [I16426]


Source References

  1. Geboorteregister Zandt, 't 1868 [S0447]
      • Date: 1868-08-08
      • Page: 63
      • General:

        Bos Albert vader 't Zandt 06-08-1868 geboorteakte
        Registratiedatum 08-08-1868
        Geboorte 06-08-1868 't Zandt
        Kind Albert Bos
        Geslacht m
        Vader Albert Bos
        Leeftijd 47 jaar
        Beroep dagloner
        Moeder Trientje Wierenga
        Bron Geboorteregister Zandt, 't 1868
        Aktenummer 63

  2. New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 [S0423]
      • Date: 1873-04-22
      • Page: M-237/373
      • General:

        Name: Alb Bos
        Arrival Date: 22 Apr 1873
        Port of Arrival: New York
        Destination: U.S.A. (no specific place stated)
        Age: 0 <b>?!?!?!?</b>
        Gender: Male
        Occupation: Children under 14
        Relationship to Head of Household: Son
        Last Residence: Unidentified Dutch Municipality
        Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
        Ship Name: Manhattan
        Ship accomodations: Steerage
        Microfilm series: M-237
        Microfilm Roll: 373