Beertema, Harmanna

Birth Name Beertema, Harmanna
Gramps ID I7896
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Beertema, Hindrik [I7758]
Mother Molanus, Aaltje [I7744]
    Sister     Beertema, Johanna Leenderina [I7887]
    Sister     Beertema, Margaretha [I7891]
         Beertema, Harmanna [I7896]
Stepfather van der Zijl, Adam [I7753]
Mother Molanus, Aaltje [I7744]
    Half-brother     van der Zijl, Jan [I7870]
    Half-sister     van der Zijl, Etje [I7871]
    Half-sister     van der Zijl, Grietje [I7873]
    Half-brother     van der Zijl, Obbe [I7877]
    Half-sister     van der Zijl, Jantiena Augustina [I7881]
    Half-brother     van der Zijl, Adam [I7885]


    Family of Koetse, Derk and Beertema, Harmanna [F6018]
Married Husband Koetse, Derk [I7897]


  1. Beertema, Hindrik [I7758]
    1. Molanus, Aaltje [I7744]
      1. Beertema, Johanna Leenderina [I7887]
      2. Beertema, Margaretha [I7891]
      3. Beertema, Harmanna
        1. Koetse, Derk [I7897]