Boender, Theodorus

Birth Name Boender, Theodorus
Gramps ID I3467
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boender, Arie [I3439]
Mother Mul, Maria Engelina [I3440]
    Sister     Boender, Emerentia Christina [I3459]
    Brother     Boender, Petrus Adrianus [I3463]
         Boender, Theodorus [I3467]
    Sister     Boender, Alida [I3471]
    Brother     Boender, Jacob [I3472]
    Sister     Boender, Catharina Geertruida [I3473]


    Family of Boender, Theodorus and Zaal, Johanna Maria [F5293]
Married Wife Zaal, Johanna Maria [I3468]
    Family of Boender, Theodorus and Vernimmen, Josephina Johanna [F5294]
Married Wife Vernimmen, Josephina Johanna [I3477]


  1. Boender, Arie [I3439]
    1. Mul, Maria Engelina [I3440]
      1. Boender, Petrus Adrianus [I3463]
      2. Boender, Emerentia Christina [I3459]
      3. Boender, Theodorus
        1. Zaal, Johanna Maria [I3468]
        2. Vernimmen, Josephina Johanna [I3477]
      4. Boender, Jacob [I3472]
      5. Boender, Alida [I3471]
      6. Boender, Catharina Geertruida [I3473]