Lampe, Aaltje Johannes

Birth Name Lampe, Aaltje Johannes
Gramps ID I0612
Gender female
Age at Death about 2 years, 3 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1865 Ooststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland Birth of Lampe, Aaltje Johannes
Death 1867-04-18 Ooststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland Death of Lampe, Aaltje Johannes


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lampe, Johannes [I0609]
Mother Jans, Alberdina [I0608]
    Brother     Lampe, Johannes [I0589]
    Brother     Lampe, Dirk Johannes [I0610]
    Sister     Lampe, Aaltje [I0611]
         Lampe, Aaltje Johannes [I0612]
    Sister     Lampe, Wobbina [I1626]
    Brother     Lampe, Albert Johannes [I1627]
    Sister     Lampe, Margje Johannes [I1628]
    Sister     Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I1629]


  1. Lampe, Johannes [I0609]
    1. Jans, Alberdina [I0608]
      1. Lampe, Wobbina [I1626]
      2. Lampe, Dirk Johannes [I0610]
      3. Lampe, Albert Johannes [I1627]
      4. Lampe, Margje Johannes [I1628]
      5. Lampe, Gesina Johannes [I1629]
      6. Lampe, Johannes [I0589]
      7. Lampe, Aaltje [I0611]
      8. Lampe, Aaltje Johannes


Source References

  1. Overlijdensregister Ooststellingwerf 1867 [S0742]
      • Date: 1867-04-20
      • Page: 43
      • General:

        Overledene: Aaltje Johannes Lampe
        Geslacht: Vrouw
        Leeftijd: 2 jaar
        Vader: Johannes Lampe
        Moeder: Alberdina Jansen
        Gebeurtenis: Overlijden
        Datum: zaterdag 20 april 1867
        Plaats: Ooststellingwerf
        Documenttype: BS Overlijden
        Erfgoedinstelling: TresoarTresoar
        Plaats instelling: Leeuwarden
        Collectiegebied: Friesland
        Documentnummer: 43
        Registratiedatum: 20 april 1867
        Plaats: Ooststellingwerf