Bulthuis, Andries

Birth Name Bulthuis, Andries
Gramps ID I11152
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1861-12-23 Achtkarspelen, Friesland, Nederland Birth of Bulthuis, Andries


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bulthuis, Nanning Hindriks [I11066]
Mother Dijkstra, Geeske Jurjens [I11085]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Jurjen Nannings [I11147]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Dieuwke [I11148]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Jakobje [I11149]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Pieter [I11150]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Wijke [I11151]
         Bulthuis, Andries [I11152]
Father Bulthuis, Nanning Hindriks [I11066]
Stepmother Terpstra, Trijntje Luitjens [I11067]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Hindrik [I11109]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Jan [I11110]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Luitjen [I11111]
    Half-sister     Bulthuis, Trijntje [I11112]
    Half-sister     Bulthuis, Trijntje Nannings [I11113]
Father Bulthuis, Nanning Hindriks [I11066]
Stepmother Sipma, Jantje Oebeles [I11075]
    Half-sister     Bulthuis, Geeske Nannings [I11130]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Willem [I11131]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Jacob [I11132]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Klaas [I11133]
    Half-brother     Bulthuis, Fredericus [I11134]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Bulthuis, Nanning Hindriks [I11066]
    1. Dijkstra, Geeske Jurjens [I11085]
      1. Bulthuis, Jurjen Nannings [I11147]
      2. Bulthuis, Dieuwke [I11148]
      3. Bulthuis, Jakobje [I11149]
      4. Bulthuis, Pieter [I11150]
      5. Bulthuis, Wijke [I11151]
      6. Bulthuis, Andries