Keizer, Eppien

Birth Name Keizer, Eppien
Gramps ID I0774
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Keizer, Berend [I0714]
Mother Doornbos, Annechien [I0764]
    Sister     Keizer, Geertje [I0765]
    Sister     Keizer, Geertje [I0766]
    Brother     Keizer, Jakob [I0767]
    Brother     Keizer, Jan [I0768]
    Sister     Keizer, Hillechien [I0769]
    Sister     Keizer, Anje [I0770]
    Sister     Keizer, Imke [I0771]
    Sister     Keizer, Jantina [I0772]
    Sister     Keizer, Harmke [I0773]
         Keizer, Eppien [I0774]
    Sister     Keizer, Berendina Annechiena [I0775]
    Brother     Keizer, Jan [I0776]
    Sister     Keizer, Fenje [I0777]


    Family of Rotgers, Harm and Keizer, Eppien [F4919]
Married Husband Rotgers, Harm [I0819]


  1. Keizer, Berend [I0714]
    1. Doornbos, Annechien [I0764]
      1. Keizer, Jantina [I0772]
      2. Keizer, Eppien
        1. Rotgers, Harm [I0819]
      3. Keizer, Anje [I0770]
      4. Keizer, Harmke [I0773]
      5. Keizer, Hillechien [I0769]
      6. Keizer, Jan [I0776]
      7. Keizer, Fenje [I0777]
      8. Keizer, Berendina Annechiena [I0775]
      9. Keizer, Geertje [I0765]
      10. Keizer, Geertje [I0766]
      11. Keizer, Jakob [I0767]
      12. Keizer, Jan [I0768]
      13. Keizer, Imke [I0771]