van Baaren, Tada

Birth Name van Baaren, Tada
Gramps ID I10954
Gender female
Age at Death 2 years, 3 months, 10 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1889 Anna Paulowna, Noord-Holland, Nederland Birth of van Baaren, Tada
Death 1891-04-11 Anna Paulowna, Noord-Holland, Nederland Death of van Baaren, Tada


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father van Baaren, Jan [I10908]
Mother Jongejan, Aaltje [I10919]
    Sister     van Baaren, Margaretha Jacoba [I10949]
    Sister     van Baaren, NN [I10950]
    Brother     van Baaren, Jan [I10951]
    Sister     van Baaren, Aaltje [I10952]
    Sister     van Baaren, Antje [I10953]
         van Baaren, Tada [I10954]
    Brother     van Baaren, NN [I10955]
    Brother     van Baaren, Jan [I10956]
    Brother     van Baaren, Willem [I10957]
    Sister     van Baaren, Margaretha [I10961]
    Brother     van Baaren, Hendrik [I10965]
    Brother     van Baaren, Pieter [I10969]
Father van Baaren, Jan [I10908]
Stepmother Mulder, Marretje [I10909]
    Half-sister     van Baaren, Margaretha [I10937]
    Half-brother     van Baaren, Jan [I10938]
    Half-sister     van Baaren, Trijntje [I10939]
    Half-brother     van Baaren, Cornelis [I10943]
    Half-sister     van Baaren, Marretje [I10944]
Stepfather van den Berg, Maarten [I10922]
Mother Jongejan, Aaltje [I10919]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. van Baaren, Jan [I10908]
    1. Jongejan, Aaltje [I10919]
      1. van Baaren, Willem [I10957]
      2. van Baaren, Margaretha [I10961]
      3. van Baaren, Pieter [I10969]
      4. van Baaren, Hendrik [I10965]
      5. van Baaren, Margaretha Jacoba [I10949]
      6. van Baaren, NN [I10950]
      7. van Baaren, Jan [I10951]
      8. van Baaren, Tada
      9. van Baaren, Antje [I10953]
      10. van Baaren, Aaltje [I10952]
      11. van Baaren, NN [I10955]
      12. van Baaren, Jan [I10956]