Visscher, Lutgerd

Birth Name Visscher, Lutgerd
Gramps ID I17663
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Visscher, Jakob [I17645]
Mother Buiter, Diewertje [I17648]
    Brother     Visscher, Jan [I17651]
    Brother     Visscher, Jan [I17652]
    Brother     Visscher, Ebo [I17653]
    Brother     Visscher, Pieter [I17654]
    Sister     Visscher, Elizabeth [I17655]
    Sister     Visscher, Lutgerd [I17656]
    Brother     Visscher, Harm [I17657]
    Sister     Visscher, NN [I17658]
    Brother     Visscher, Harm [I17659]
    Sister     Visscher, Antje [I17660]
    Brother     Visscher, Jakob [I17661]
    Brother     Visscher, Lupko [I17662]
         Visscher, Lutgerd [I17663]
Father Visscher, Jakob [I17645]
Stepmother Hut, Trientje [I17528]


    Family of Tekens, Pieter Harms and Visscher, Lutgerd [F7685]
Married Husband Tekens, Pieter Harms [I17682]


  1. Visscher, Jakob [I17645]
    1. Buiter, Diewertje [I17648]
      1. Visscher, Elizabeth [I17655]
      2. Visscher, Pieter [I17654]
      3. Visscher, Antje [I17660]
      4. Visscher, Jakob [I17661]
      5. Visscher, Lutgerd
        1. Tekens, Pieter Harms [I17682]
      6. Visscher, Jan [I17651]
      7. Visscher, Jan [I17652]
      8. Visscher, Ebo [I17653]
      9. Visscher, Lutgerd [I17656]
      10. Visscher, Harm [I17657]
      11. Visscher, NN [I17658]
      12. Visscher, Harm [I17659]
      13. Visscher, Lupko [I17662]