Alkema, Ewina

Birth Name Alkema, Ewina
Gramps ID I17218
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Alkema, Anne [I17177]
Mother Jager, Grietje [I17178]
    Sister     Alkema, Wilhelmina [I17176]
    Sister     Alkema, Martje [I17213]
    Sister     Alkema, Hiltje [I17214]
    Sister     Alkema, Aafien [I17215]
    Sister     Alkema, Hiltje [I17216]
    Brother     Alkema, Popke [I17217]
         Alkema, Ewina [I17218]


    Family of Vlietstra, Hendericus and Alkema, Ewina [F7478]
Married Husband Vlietstra, Hendericus [I17228]


  1. Alkema, Anne [I17177]
    1. Jager, Grietje [I17178]
      1. Alkema, Popke [I17217]
      2. Alkema, Ewina
        1. Vlietstra, Hendericus [I17228]
      3. Alkema, Martje [I17213]
      4. Alkema, Wilhelmina [I17176]
      5. Alkema, Hiltje [I17214]
      6. Alkema, Aafien [I17215]
      7. Alkema, Hiltje [I17216]