Beks, Jan

Birth Name Beks, Jan
Gramps ID I15055
Gender male
Age at Death 47 years, 3 months, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1898 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland Birth of Beks, Jan
Death 1945-04-15 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland Death of Beks, Jan


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Beks, Geert [I14982]
Mother Schoneveld, Trientje [I14994]
    Brother     Beks, Jakob [I15031]
    Brother     Beks, Klaas [I15035]
    Brother     Beks, Geert [I15039]
    Sister     Beks, Dievertje [I15043]
    Brother     Beks, Johannes [I15047]
    Sister     Beks, Tietje [I15051]
         Beks, Jan [I15055]


    Family of Beks, Jan and Gerbers, Trientje [F7048]
Married Wife Gerbers, Trientje [I15056]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Beks, Geert [I14982]
    1. Schoneveld, Trientje [I14994]
      1. Beks, Jakob [I15031]
      2. Beks, Klaas [I15035]
      3. Beks, Geert [I15039]
      4. Beks, Dievertje [I15043]
      5. Beks, Tietje [I15051]
      6. Beks, Johannes [I15047]
      7. Beks, Jan
        1. Gerbers, Trientje [I15056]


Source References

  1. Overlijdensregister Groningen 1945 [S1006]
      • Date: 1945-04-18
      • Page: 861
      • General:

        Bron Burgerlijke stand - Overlijden
        Archieflocatie Groninger Archieven
        Algemeen Gemeente: Groningen
        Soort akte: overlijden
        Aktenummer: 861
        Aangiftedatum: 18-04-1945