Boonacker, Johanna

Birth Name Boonacker, Johanna
Gramps ID I3687
Gender female
Age at Death 3 months, 5 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1828-03-00 De Rijp Birth of Boonacker, Johanna
Death 1828-06-06 De Rijp Death of Boonacker, Johanna


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Boonacker, Henricus [I2792]
Mother Vuijst, Neeltje [I2793]
         Boonacker, Johanna [I3687]
    Brother     Boonacker, Arnold [I3688]
    Brother     Boonacker, Arnold [I3689]
    Brother     Boonacker, Arnold [I3690]
    Sister     Boonacker, Eva [I3691]
    Brother     Boonacker, Jacob [I3695]
    Brother     Boonacker, Adolf [I3696]
    Brother     Boonacker, Cornelis [I3700]
    Brother     Boonacker, Joan [I3704]
Father Boonacker, Henricus [I2792]
Stepmother Blauw, Murkje [I2804]
Father Boonacker, Henricus [I2792]
Stepmother Nobbe, Anna Maria Johanna [I2807]


  1. Boonacker, Henricus [I2792]
    1. Vuijst, Neeltje [I2793]
      1. Boonacker, Cornelis [I3700]
      2. Boonacker, Eva [I3691]
      3. Boonacker, Adolf [I3696]
      4. Boonacker, Joan [I3704]
      5. Boonacker, Johanna
      6. Boonacker, Jacob [I3695]
      7. Boonacker, Arnold [I3688]
      8. Boonacker, Arnold [I3689]
      9. Boonacker, Arnold [I3690]