Zwaagman, Trijntje Hermanus

Birth Name Zwaagman, Trijntje Hermanus
Gramps ID I15597
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1768-06-03 Warfhuizen Birth of Zwaagman, Trijntje Hermanus


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Swaagman, Harmanus Popkes [I15589]
Mother Christiaans, Geeske [I15590]
    Sister     Swaagman, Annigje Hermannus [I15560]
    Brother     Zwaagman, Christiaan Hermanus [I15591]
    Sister     Zwaagman, Lucretia Hermanus [I15592]
    Brother     Zwaagman, Berent Hermanus [I15593]
    Sister     Zwaagman, Wobbijna Hermanus [I15594]
    Brother     Zwaagman, Popke Hermanus [I15595]
    Brother     Zwaagman, Popke Hermanus [I15596]
         Zwaagman, Trijntje Hermanus [I15597]


  1. Swaagman, Harmanus Popkes [I15589]
    1. Christiaans, Geeske [I15590]
      1. Zwaagman, Popke Hermanus [I15595]
      2. Zwaagman, Trijntje Hermanus
      3. Swaagman, Annigje Hermannus [I15560]
      4. Zwaagman, Popke Hermanus [I15596]
      5. Zwaagman, Christiaan Hermanus [I15591]
      6. Zwaagman, Lucretia Hermanus [I15592]
      7. Zwaagman, Berent Hermanus [I15593]
      8. Zwaagman, Wobbijna Hermanus [I15594]