de Boer, Arendina

Birth Name de Boer, Arendina
Gramps ID I14162
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Boer, Klaas [I13957]
Mother Kragt, Pietje [I13951]
    Sister     de Boer, Sjouktje [I14158]
    Sister     de Boer, Geeske [I14159]
    Brother     de Boer, Libbe [I14160]
    Brother     de Boer, Arend [I14161]
         de Boer, Arendina [I14162]
    Brother     de Boer, Pieter [I14163]


    Family of Boering, Otto and de Boer, Arendina [F6923]
Married Husband Boering, Otto [I14169]


  1. de Boer, Klaas [I13957]
    1. Kragt, Pietje [I13951]
      1. de Boer, Arendina
        1. Boering, Otto [I14169]
      2. de Boer, Libbe [I14160]
      3. de Boer, Sjouktje [I14158]
      4. de Boer, Geeske [I14159]
      5. de Boer, Arend [I14161]
      6. de Boer, Pieter [I14163]