Suik, Hendricus

Birth Name Suik, Hendricus
Gramps ID I5310
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Suik, Hendricus [I5217]
Mother Radstok, Jannetje [I5220]
    Sister     Suik, Elisabeth Cornelia [I5301]
    Brother     Suik, Herman [I5302]
    Brother     Suik, Gerrit [I5303]
         Suik, Hendricus [I5310]
    Sister     Suik, Elisabeth Cornelia [I5314]
Father Suik, Hendricus [I5217]
Stepmother Knippers, Johanna Catharina [I5211]
    Half-sister     Suik, Wilhelmina Gerarda [I5294]
    Half-sister     Suik, Johanna Catharina Wilhelmina [I5295]


    Family of Suik, Hendricus and de Bree, Alijda [F5607]
Married Wife de Bree, Alijda [I5311]


  1. Suik, Hendricus [I5217]
    1. Radstok, Jannetje [I5220]
      1. Suik, Gerrit [I5303]
      2. Suik, Herman [I5302]
      3. Suik, Hendricus
        1. de Bree, Alijda [I5311]
      4. Suik, Elisabeth Cornelia [I5314]
      5. Suik, Elisabeth Cornelia [I5301]