Huiting, L Alberts

Birth Name Huiting, L Alberts
Gramps ID I1286
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hoiting, Albert Jans [I1228]
Mother Huls, Hillechien Luitjes [I1216]
    Sister     Huiting, Anna [I1090]
    Sister     Hoiting, Wedelina [I1278]
    Brother     Huiting, Willem [I1279]
    Sister     Huiting, Wendelina Alberts [I1280]
    Sister     Huiting, Roelfien [I1281]
    Brother     Huiting, Jan [I1282]
    Brother     Huiting, Jan Brouwerus [I1283]
    Sister     Huiting, Wendelina [I1284]
    Brother     Huiting, H [I1285]
         Huiting, L Alberts [I1286]
    Brother     Huiting, R [I1287]


    Family of Huiting, L Alberts and Luth, J [F4972]
Married Wife Luth, J [I1329]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage     Marriage of Huiting, L Alberts and Luth, J


  1. Hoiting, Albert Jans [I1228]
    1. Huls, Hillechien Luitjes [I1216]
      1. Huiting, H [I1285]
      2. Huiting, L Alberts
        1. Luth, J [I1329]
      3. Huiting, R [I1287]
      4. Hoiting, Wedelina [I1278]
      5. Huiting, Willem [I1279]
      6. Huiting, Wendelina Alberts [I1280]
      7. Huiting, Roelfien [I1281]
      8. Huiting, Jan [I1282]
      9. Huiting, Jan Brouwerus [I1283]
      10. Huiting, Anna [I1090]
      11. Huiting, Wendelina [I1284]