Bulthuis, Evert

Birth Name Bulthuis, Evert
Gramps ID I12007
Gender male
Age at Death 10 years, 6 months, 24 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1890 Avereest gem. Hardenberg, Overijssel, Nederland Birth of Bulthuis, Evert
Death 1900-07-25 Avereest gem. Hardenberg, Overijssel, Nederland Death of Bulthuis, Evert


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bulthuis, Fokke [I11477]
Mother Jonker, Hermina [I11484]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Evert [I12004]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Hendrik Nanning [I12005]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Johannes [I12006]
         Bulthuis, Evert [I12007]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Hendrika Nita [I12008]
    Sister     Bulthuis, Johanna [I12012]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Hendrik Nanning [I12016]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Evert [I12020]
    Brother     Bulthuis, Theodorus Fokke [I12027]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Bulthuis, Fokke [I11477]
    1. Jonker, Hermina [I11484]
      1. Bulthuis, Johanna [I12012]
      2. Bulthuis, Hendrika Nita [I12008]
      3. Bulthuis, Hendrik Nanning [I12016]
      4. Bulthuis, Theodorus Fokke [I12027]
      5. Bulthuis, Johannes [I12006]
      6. Bulthuis, Hendrik Nanning [I12005]
      7. Bulthuis, Evert [I12004]
      8. Bulthuis, Evert
      9. Bulthuis, Evert [I12020]