Bisschop, Jantina

Birth Name Bisschop, Jantina
Gramps ID I8458
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bisschop, Sander [I8414]
Mother Potgiesser, Teupke [I8413]
    Sister     Bisschop, Frouwke [I8452]
    Sister     Bisschop, Frouke [I8453]
    Sister     Bisschop, Hillechien [I8454]
    Brother     Bisschop, Jan [I8455]
    Sister     Bisschop, Grietje [I8456]
    Brother     Bisschop, Tjarko [I8457]
         Bisschop, Jantina [I8458]
    Sibling     Bisschop, NN [I8459]
    Brother     Bisschop, Albert Hendrik [I8460]
    Sister     Bisschop, Anna [I8461]


    Family of Kuipers, Pieter Fredrik and Bisschop, Jantina [F6086]
Married Husband Kuipers, Pieter Fredrik [I8471]


  1. Bisschop, Sander [I8414]
    1. Potgiesser, Teupke [I8413]
      1. Bisschop, Frouke [I8453]
      2. Bisschop, Hillechien [I8454]
      3. Bisschop, Jan [I8455]
      4. Bisschop, Grietje [I8456]
      5. Bisschop, Tjarko [I8457]
      6. Bisschop, Albert Hendrik [I8460]
      7. Bisschop, Jantina
        1. Kuipers, Pieter Fredrik [I8471]
      8. Bisschop, Anna [I8461]
      9. Bisschop, Frouwke [I8452]
      10. Bisschop, NN [I8459]