Sneek, Friesland, Nederland

Gramps ID P0270
Latitude N53.033371
Longitude E5.659332
City Sneek
State/ Province Friesland
Country Nederland

Place Map


  1. Booy, Huite [I2238]
  2. Family of Booy, Huite and Wagenmakers, Baukje
    1. Booy, Huite [I2238]
    2. Wagenmakers, Baukje [I2239]
  3. Family of van der Veen, Tjeerd and Huberts, Trientje
    1. Huberts, Trientje [I10727]
    2. van der Veen, Tjeerd [I10749]
  4. Huberts, Trientje [I10727]
  5. Mossel, Engeltje [I3831]
  6. Wagenmakers, Baukje [I2239]
  7. Zwaagman, Popke Hermanus [I15596]
  8. Zwerver, Geele Melles [I2218]
  9. van Fucht, Lammert [I10518]
  10. van der Veen, Tjeerd [I10749]