Beemster, Noord-Holland, Nederland

Gramps ID P0322
Latitude N52.548729
Longitude E4.91048
City Beemster
State/ Province Noord-Holland
Country Nederland

Place Map


  1. Family of Olij, Klaas and d' Ernst, Cornelia
    1. Olij, Klaas [I2868]
    2. d' Ernst, Cornelia [I2869]
  2. Family of Olij, Klaas and van der Lijn, Maartje
    1. Olij, Klaas [I2868]
    2. van der Lijn, Maartje [I14219]
  3. Family of Temper, Hendrik Gerard and Olij, Trijntje
    1. Olij, Trijntje [I14206]
    2. Temper, Hendrik Gerard [I14207]
  4. Kooij, Dirk [I12258]
  5. Olij, Cornelia [I14202]
  6. Olij, Grietje [I14193]
  7. Olij, Klaas [I2868]
  8. Olij, Trijntje [I14206]
  9. Raat, Willem [I14198]
  10. Temper, Hendrik Gerard [I14207]
  11. Visser, Maartje [I10926]
  12. d' Ernst, Cornelia [I2869]
  13. van der Lijn, Maartje [I14219]