Lekkerkerk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

Gramps ID P0000
Latitude N51.898743
Longitude E4.683609
City Lekkerkerk
State/ Province Zuid-Holland
Country Nederland

Place Map


  1. Boon, Niesje [I13644]
  2. Family of Gouwens, Teunis and Middelkoop, Maria Hendrika
    1. Gouwens, Teunis [I6691]
    2. Middelkoop, Maria Hendrika [I6692]
  3. Family of Middelkoop, Arij and Boon, Niesje
    1. Boon, Niesje [I13644]
    2. Middelkoop, Arij [I13643]
  4. Family of Middelkoop, Huibert and Lagewaard, Ariaantje
    1. Lagewaard, Ariaantje [I13646]
    2. Middelkoop, Huibert [I13645]
  5. Family of Middelkoop, Huig and Oudenaarde, Gozina
    1. Middelkoop, Huig [I13639]
    2. Oudenaarde, Gozina [I13640]
  6. Family of Middelkoop, Theunis Huijbert and Verhoog, Trijntie
    1. Middelkoop, Theunis Huijbert [I0010]
    2. Verhoog, Trijntie [I0009]
  7. Family of Nieuwenhoff, Oloff Jans and Kooiman, Pietertje Eeuwitten
    1. Kooiman, Pietertje Eeuwitten [I14317]
    2. Nieuwenhoff, Oloff Jans [I14320]
  8. Family of van Middelkoop, Huybert Teunisze and Kooiman, Pietertje Eeuwitten
    1. Kooiman, Pietertje Eeuwitten [I14317]
    2. van Middelkoop, Huybert Teunisze [I14316]
  9. Gouwens, Teunis [I6691]
  10. Kooiman, Pietertje Eeuwitten [I14317]
  11. Lagewaard, Ariaantje [I13646]
  12. Middelkoop, Arij [I13643]
  13. Middelkoop, Huibert [I13645]
  14. Middelkoop, Huig [I13639]
  15. Middelkoop, Maria Hendrika [I6692]
  16. Middelkoop, Theunis Huijbert [I0010]
  17. Nieuwenhoff, Oloff Jans [I14320]
  18. Oudenaarde, Gozina [I13640]
  19. Verhoog, Trijntie [I0009]
  20. van Middelkoop, Huybert Teunisze [I14316]