Gasselte, Drenthe, Nederland

Gramps ID P0336
Latitude N52.971592
Longitude E6.794014
City Gasselte
State/ Province Drenthe
Country Nederland

Place Map


  1. Buter, Lukas [I13052]
  2. Family of Buter, Lukas and Piening, Engeltje
    1. Buter, Lukas [I13052]
    2. Piening, Engeltje [I16705]
  3. Family of Buter, Lukas and Sikkens, Geesje
    1. Buter, Lukas [I13052]
    2. Sikkens, Geesje [I13053]
  4. Knip, Wiechert [I7979]
  5. Lampe, Egbert [I12131]
  6. Piening, Engeltje [I16705]
  7. Sikkens, Geesje [I13053]