Stuts, Johanna

Birth Name Stuts, Johanna
Gramps ID I2643
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stuts, Hendricus [I2626]
Mother Schuit, Elizabeth [I2629]
    Sister     Stuts, Meike [I2630]
    Sister     Stuts, Arendina [I2633]
    Sister     Stuts, Johanna [I2634]
    Sister     Stuts, Johanna [I2635]
    Brother     Stuts, Johannes [I2636]
    Sister     Stuts, Betje [I2637]
    Brother     Stuts, NN [I2638]
    Sister     Stuts, Egberdina [I2639]
         Stuts, Johanna [I2643]
Father Stuts, Hendricus [I2626]
Stepmother Briek, Hindrikje [I2613]


    Family of Bakker, Geert and Stuts, Johanna [F5138]
Married Husband Bakker, Geert [I2644]


  1. Stuts, Hendricus [I2626]
    1. Schuit, Elizabeth [I2629]
      1. Stuts, Johanna
        1. Bakker, Geert [I2644]
      2. Stuts, Meike [I2630]
      3. Stuts, Arendina [I2633]
      4. Stuts, Johanna [I2634]
      5. Stuts, Egberdina [I2639]
      6. Stuts, Johanna [I2635]
      7. Stuts, Johannes [I2636]
      8. Stuts, Betje [I2637]
      9. Stuts, NN [I2638]