Nederhoed, Willemina

Birth Name Nederhoed, Willemina
Gramps ID I8746
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1835-12-19 Garsthuizen gem. Stedum Birth of Nederhoed, Willemina


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Nederhoed, Hendrik Willems [I8652]
Mother Brinks, Antje Klaassens [I8653]
    Brother     Nederhoed, Willem [I8745]
         Nederhoed, Willemina [I8746]
    Brother     Nederhoed, Klaas Brinks [I8747]
Father Nederhoed, Hendrik Willems [I8652]
Stepmother Boerma, Jakobje Geerts [I8656]
    Half-brother     Nederhoed, Klaas [I8748]
Father Nederhoed, Hendrik Willems [I8652]
Stepmother Kuipers, Klaaske [I8664]
    Half-brother     Nederhoed, Derk [I8753]
    Half-sister     Nederhoed, Eliza [I8754]
    Half-brother     Nederhoed, Willem [I8755]
    Half-brother     Nederhoed, Derk [I8756]
    Half-sister     Nederhoed, Elizabeth [I8757]


  1. Nederhoed, Hendrik Willems [I8652]
    1. Brinks, Antje Klaassens [I8653]
      1. Nederhoed, Willem [I8745]
      2. Nederhoed, Willemina
      3. Nederhoed, Klaas Brinks [I8747]