Keizer, Hindrikje

Birth Name Keizer, Hindrikje
Gramps ID I0705
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Keizer, Gerrit [I0697]
Mother Bont, Anje [I0698]
    Sister     Keizer, Anna [I0694]
    Sister     Keizer, Hillechien [I0699]
    Sister     Keizer, Wupke [I0700]
    Sister     Keizer, Imke [I0701]
    Brother     Keizer, Hendrik [I0702]
    Brother     Keizer, Hendrik [I0703]
    Brother     Keizer, Jakob [I0704]
         Keizer, Hindrikje [I0705]
    Brother     Keizer, Gerrit [I0706]
    Sister     Keizer, Fenje [I0707]


    Family of Koerts, Hindrik and Keizer, Hindrikje [F7431]
Married Husband Koerts, Hindrik [I17134]


  1. Keizer, Gerrit [I0697]
    1. Bont, Anje [I0698]
      1. Keizer, Hindrikje
        1. Koerts, Hindrik [I17134]
      2. Keizer, Hillechien [I0699]
      3. Keizer, Anna [I0694]
      4. Keizer, Wupke [I0700]
      5. Keizer, Imke [I0701]
      6. Keizer, Hendrik [I0702]
      7. Keizer, Hendrik [I0703]
      8. Keizer, Jakob [I0704]
      9. Keizer, Fenje [I0707]
      10. Keizer, Gerrit [I0706]